~Weird Wares from the Bizarre Bazaar~

Though the works of Robin Spriggs are obtainable from a number of on-line and brick-and-mortar merchants, a few such items—with the author's permission and indispensable assistance—are occasionally made available directly through the House of Nine. Below are the items currently on hand.

(Out of stock indefinitely. The publisher has informed us that this title is out of print.)

For more information about Capes & Cowls, dash on over to the Playroom. But remember: no cape, no cowl, no service!

* The House of Nine shopping cart should only be used for orders placed within the United States. To place an international order, you must first e-mail a list of the items you would like to purchase, along with your shipping information, to You will then receive a quote that includes the cost of shipping. Should you accept the quote, you will be invoiced for prompt completion of the order. Thank you for your cooperation.

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