As another writer once wrote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." With that  philosophy in mind, the House of Nine presents Robin Spriggs in a few of his favorite roles. . . .

as charming sociopath Alfonse Duncan  in  Sinkhole,
a down-and-dirty tour de force by filmmaker Paul Schattel
Read the Film Threat review.
See the Sinkhole trailer.
as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet,
with Jennifer Massey as Juliet
the star-crossed lovers in living color
and once more, but this time in clothes

looking decidedly vampiric as Torvald Helmer in A Doll's House,
with Hope Heineke as Nora


as Dwight in Club Magic,
with Kelly O, Kim Hawthorne, Andi Morano, Nick Garcia, and Troy Helton as the rest of the Club Magic gang

as the extremely diminutive gendarme in The Heir Transparent,
with Ron "Fudge Mold" Reach as his partner in Lilliputian crime solving

the aforementioned gendarme as he appeared on the front page of the Gainesville Times

as Carl the flamboyant pimp in Getting Out,
with K. T. Curran as Arlene

as Hamlet in some play of long-forgotten name,
with Mike Traylor as Horatio

as air-headed Shakespearean actor Arthur Gossport in Harlequinade,
with Brook Davis as Edith Gossport
Dig that crazy do!

as extremely diminutive and demonically effeminate notary Pierre in
The Heir Transparent
with Ron "Fudge Mold" Reach as fellow shorty
As the play says: "A short man charges lesser fees."

as hygienically challenged Klansman Owen Musser in The Foreigner,
with a couple of other hooded bad guys and Marissa Melton as Catherine

as Owen Musser sans sheet,
with fellow actors Michael "The Pants" Huie, Marissa Melton, Eric Kerchner, David Johnson, and Lynne Ashe

taking a beating as Jon, the overgrown boy from outer space,
in The Forgotten Door,
with Hugh Adams and LeeAnn Lawson
as angry hillbillies Gilby and Emma Pitts

chillin' at the crypt with curvaceous consorts Kelly O and Sarah Onsager

as the author of Wondrous Strange, with fellow scribes Joshua Warren, James Newman, and Steve Eller

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