If a game-related question* arises while playing CAPES & COWLS, you may find that it has already been asked and answered in the super-informative list below:

 Am I allowed to look at the number of the space an opposing figure occupies before I commit to attacking the figure or performing an action upon it?

Yes. Though given the symmetrical arrangement of the numbers, you should seldom feel the need to do so.


Can Items be attacked, thrown, or destroyed?

Not unless the rules for a specific Adventure or particular power say so.


Some characters have powers that allow them to change the colors of spaces. What happens when 2 or more such powers are affecting the same space?

Carefully reading all powers in question should reveal which one takes precedence over another in any given situation. If, however, you find yourself unable (or unwilling) to trust your own judgment, you may leave the verdict to the Sisters Wyrd, i.e., roll the Battle Die for each power and give precedence to the one that receives the highest roll.


Is there a time limit on how long a player is allowed to take a turn?

Taking a turn should never require over a minute; if either you or your opponent is consistently taking longer, introduce a minute glass or other timer to your games. Doing so will keep the action flowing at a swift and exciting pace.


Can YGGregenerate after being KO’d?

Of course not, silly.


Why can’t the RED ROOK fly over Walls?

The presence of Walls usually suggests indoor settings such as rooms, hallways, etc. Since such structures are typically roofed, even a character with Flight or a Flight-like power cannot move over Walls.


Is the RED ROOK restricted to diagonal movement when flying?

No. Unless otherwise specified, powers that permit diagonal movement do not disallow normal movement.


Do diagonally connected Wall tiles form a single Wall?

Yes, when 2 or more Wall tiles are connected (diagonally or otherwise) they are treated as a single (solid/unbroken) Wall.


If a Rooftop space is destroyed, is it still considered a Rooftop space?

Not by anyone with a functional brain.


Can NIGHTSHADE, due to his Shadow Walk power, move between diagonally connected Scene Features?

As a rule, no. He may, however, move between diagonally connected Rooftop tiles if their placement forms a multi-tile Rooftop. See, for example, the group of 3 Rooftops in example 5 on page 13 of the Rule Book.


Can NIGHTSHADE, due to his Shadow Walk power, move between diagonally positioned figures, Objects, and Items?



Is an Object or Item blocked by a figure with which it shares a space?



Can a character target or attack an Object with which he shares a space?

Yes, provided the character has the rare ability to target or attack Objects at all.


Can LIBERTY BOTS be Zombified?

Yes. BARON NECRO’S unique brand of super-unnatural zombification trumps all laws of science, pseudoscience, and sane rationale.


Can the GOLDEN ROCKET use his Human Missile power to attack and destroy Rooftop spaces and Objects?

Yes, but only if there is no figure on the space into which he moves to do so. Destroying Rooftop spaces may also damage the GOLDEN ROCKET (see page 22).


Can the GOLDEN ROCKET use his Human Missile power to attack a foe if there is no available space to move the foe into?



Can the GREEN GREMLINuse his Marplot power to negate the GOLDEN ROCKET’S Human Missile attack?

Yes, provided the GOLDEN ROCKET’S target space is open but nonadjacent to the GREEN GREMLIN.  In such an instance, the GOLDEN ROCKET must end his move shy of the target, in the nearest available space, and may not follow up with any other action.


When a figure is returned to his starting zone by the TIME MEISTER, what space is it placed on?

Any space in the starting zone that the TIME MEISTER wishes.


Is it true that POW is an acronym for “Points of Whup”?



When using HOTSHOT’S Boom Ball, do you have to hit your chosen target in order to expand the attack to include all adjacent figures?

No. The effect of the attack is determined separately for each figure, even if the target figure sustains no damage.


Does MOON-BEAST’S Beastly Transformation take effect before any other modifiers are applied to his Attack and Defense?

Yes. All stat-doubling powers such as Moon-Beast’s Beastly Transformation take effect before any other modifiers (including Spider POWs) are applied to a character’s stats.


Do Spider POWs also count as regular POWs?



Do the ARACHNIDRONES use Spider POWs?

No. Spider POWs are used only by the BROWN RECLUSE hisownbadself.


Can Spider POWs be combined with other stat-reducing effects such as TENEBRO’S  Blackout and the BLACK MANX’S Bad Luck in order to KO a foe by reducing his Attack, Defense, or Speed to 0?

No. Though Spider POWs are combined with other stat-reducing effects to determine a character’s stats on any given turn, a character is KO’d by Spider POWs when the number of Spider POWs on his card equals or exceeds the unmodified number of any stat on his card, or when the combined number of Spider POWs and regular POWs on his card equals or exceeds his Vigor.


How closely is CAPES & COWLS: The Superhero Board Game based on CAPES & COWLS: The Wyrd City Chronicles?

Very closely, though the powers of some characters have been streamlined somewhat for the sake of simplicity and smoother gameplay.


 *Questions that are not game related, i.e., those which have nothing to do with CAPES & COWLS, are best reserved for another time and place . . . or maybejust maybeavoided altogether.


CAPES & COWLS:  Adventures in Wyrd City!

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