1. Recruit a team of heroes!  2. Send them into battle!  3. Clobber till content!

Attention, aficionados of four-color fisticuffs, connoisseurs of costumed contestation, devotees of danger-induced displays of derring-do!

The House of Nine is proud to announce that Robin Spriggs's CAPES & COWLS: The Superhero Board Game hasthanks to Jazz Lieberman of Wyrd House Pressat last been released! That's right, Wyrdlings, Capes & Cowls is finally yours for the getting. And for those yet to find it in their usual shopping haunts, a few precious copieswith the permission and assistance of the author himselfare waiting to be claimed directly from the House of Nine Emporium.

 For more details about Capes & Cowls, just take a gander below!

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Capes & Cowlsfeatures 3 primary modes of play:

1. BASIC:In the Basic Game, each player recruits a team of 2 or 3 Heroes, deploys the team to the Battleboard, and dukes it out with his opponent’s team for a predetermined number of rounds. The victory goes to the player with the most Heroes left on the Battleboard at the end of the game. 

2. STANDARD: The Standard Game allows each player to recruit a team of 4 or 5 Heroes, and introduces Scene Features such as Rooftops, Walls, and Trees, as well as Objects such as Boulders, Cars, and Mailboxes. These elements enrich the Battleboard environment and call for keener strategies and sharper tactics. The victory, as in the Basic Game, goes to the player with the most Heroes left on the Battleboard at the end of the game.

 3. ADVENTURE: The Adventure Game requires the players to select an Adventure from the Adventure Book. Each Adventure includes a full-color map for Battleboard setup, instructions for team recruitment, and special rules for playing the chosen Adventure, including team-specific goals and victory conditions. This mode of play incorporates Crew characters, special items, and plot devices that further define the Wyrd City universe and its colorful assortment of costumed denizens. The victory in an Adventure Game goes to the player whose team succeeds in fulfilling the predetermined goal of the Adventure. 

2 to 4 Players

Ages 9 to Adult

Playing Time: 1 Hour


CAPES & COWLS:  Adventures in Wyrd City!

Let the battle begin!

Attention, all citizens!

If you have already played CAPES & COWLS and have a question about the rules*, you are hereby ordered to report directly to theWyrd City Ministry of Official Answers. *In Wyrd City,  all rules are strictly enforced, and ignorance is a capital offense.

CAPES & COWLS, WYRD CITY,  and all related characters, images, slogans, and indicia are trademarks of  ROBIN SPRIGGS.  Copyright © 1999 - 2009. Used under license by WYRD HOUSE. All rights reserved.

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