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~You hear him knockin', but will you let him in?~


25 soul-chilling jaunts into the weird, mysterious, and supernatural!

A tin-can golem in search of her long-lost maker . . . an old movie house where the cost of admission is far greater than the patrons think . . . three dead sisters who come to life each evening to receive a gentleman caller in their parlor of ravaged hopes and dreams. . . . If tales of the bizarre are your literary poison of choice, Wondrous Strange is just what the witch doctor ordered. Procure your copy today and let the strangeness begin.

"Wondrous Strange is wondrous!"

Brian A. Hopkins, Bram Stoker Award-winning author

"From short, sharp shocks to elegant tales of haunted madness. . . . TombKeeper's highest recommendation."

--J. L. Comeau (The Tombkeeper),
Creature Feature

 "Wondrous Strange is both wondrous and strange . . . haunting and hypnotic . . . the type of stories that gnaw at you long after you've put the book away . . . stories you won't easily forget."

--Lisa Babick, Bella Online  

More reviews of Wondrous Strange can be found in the Observatory.

Wondrous Strange can be purchased immediately (no pressure) from the following on-line bookstores:


Shocklines    Barnes & Noble     Project Pulp



"Buy this book as a manual in modern survival training and as an assortment of Hitchcockian shivers."

--Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's Science Fiction 

This exciting anthology is edited by Gerard Daniel Houarner and also contains fiction and poetry by Bentley Little, Tom Piccirilli, Melanie Tem, Don Webb, Charlee Jacob, Gordon Linzner, James Dorr, John Rosenman, Eliot Fintushel, Roy L. Post, Dominick Cancilla, Linda D. Addison, Daniel Pearlman, Michael D. Winkle, Andrew Tokash, J. A. Pollard, Milton Wheeler, and K. L. Hasell.

Copies available at Project Pulp.








Also contains work by

Charlee Jacob

Trey R. Barker

Steve Antczak

 Denise Dumars

Wade Tarzia.

Space and Time #90 is sold out.



Also contains work by

Alan Dean Foster

 Paul Di Filippo

Tom Piccirilli

Brian A. Hopkins

 Don D'Ammassa.

Pirate Writings #13 is sold out!






Also contains work by

Michael Laimo

Hunter Seitz

 S. A. Magnuson.

Plot #7 is sold out!







Also contains work by

D. F. Lewis

 Charlee Jacob

 Steve Eller.

Stygian Articles #10 is sold out!





Also contains work by

Rick Hautala

Brian A. Hopkins

Charlee Jacob

W. H. Pugmire

Alan P. Smale.

Terminal Fright #12 is sold out!




Also contains work by

Hugh B. Cave

Don D'ammassa

Dominick Cancilla

John R. Platt

 Tim Waggoner.

Night Terrors #6 is sold out.




This  460-page anthology also features work by

Robert Devereaux

Edo van Belkom

Tina L. Jens

Steve Eller

Daniel Keohane

Steven Lee Climer

 John Urbancik.


Available at Amazon.





 THE DRACULA POEMS: A Poetic Encounter with the Lord of Vampires

This fully illustrated collection of 69 poems by Robin Spriggs and Brent L. Glenn explores the world of Dracula from a variety of dark perspectives, including victims, lovers, Lady Night, a coffin, a foul-mouthed wooden stake, and the Lord of Vampires himself. 

Featured artists include

Kelly O

Austin Jones

Rusty Giadrosich

Jay Montgomery

There is even a scribble or two by Robin Spriggs himself.


NEWS FLASH! Alas, The Dracula Poems is currently out of print, though the highly sought-after tome remains available from select dealers in literary oddities.

 Try Alibris.


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